OUR Support Services

*Terms of Following Services:

All services offered to clients is subject to suitability, eligibility, and funding. To enquire about the criteria, send us a message on the contact us page.

Focussed Employment Tasks and Personal Assistants (Carers):

Clients are worked with to identify challenging yet achievable goals in earning an income, which is then supported by a carer that encourages the client to focus on their ambitions whilst helping them as a personal assistant to ensure they get all the support they need to do the work intended. Work identified are those that incrementally increases in complexity according to their recovery, which is designed to help take their mind off of constantly thinking of their condition and become debilitated. *Terms Apply

Private Psychology:

We work with qualified psychologists who have an understanding of spirituality, with an emphasis on separating belief in the self being our masters or our God - In order to help clients maintain progress in their recovery journey. Our specialised partners of psychologists help individuals through the process of speaking, thinking, and learning, to overcome their delusions and symptoms to better place them in a productive contributory environment with their community. * Terms Apply

Personal Training:

We work with qualified personal trainers to help the client gain continuous momentum in physical exercise, to minimise the effects of weight gain due to medication, to help overcome bad habits, and / or to improve self-esteem and sleep hygiene, and lower anxiety. Personal trainers we work with help our clients remotely achieve positive exercise habits that enable and maintain recovery and good mental health and stability. * Terms Apply

Benefits Application:

Through our service, we help individuals suffering from severe mental health make applications for the full raft of benefits available to them as part of our holistic service. We deliver support in applying for benefits that are matched with their entitlement and aspirations. Aspirations that are realistic and achievable, which bring hope to the client and their extended family and friends * Terms Apply

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